Our Medical Services

Whether you are coming to visit us as a healthy patient, seeing us for simple routine annual exams, or seeking a more comprehensive, collaborative care plan to manage the most complex conditions – our clinical practices are here for all your needs.

Main Services

At NH Medical Institute our practices take great pride in delivering the highest-quality care. We believe that quality care is about more than the outcomes – it’s about your experience with us throughout your entire journey.

Primary Care

Primary care refers to the initial and ongoing medical care provided to patients in a community setting. It involves diagnosing, treating, and managing common illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as promoting preventive care and health education. 

Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders in older adults. It includes a primary care physician, known as a geriatrician or a gerontologist, who has distinct knowledge and skills related to the care of older adults.


Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) is a type of therapy in which a healthcare provider directly observes and monitors a patient’s treatment compliance. This involves the provider observing the patient taking medication or performing specific therapy tasks, such as exercises or stretches, in real-time, without intervention .

Lab Services

Laboratory services, also called lab services, are medical tests and procedures performed in a laboratory setting to aid in diagnosing and treating various health conditions.

EKG - Electrocardiograms

An EKG measures the heart’s electrical activity, recording the electrical impulses produced by the heart muscle & showing how quickly they occur & how strong they are.

Ear Lavage

Ear irrigations are procedures that involve flushing the ear canal with water or saline solution to remove debris, wax, or other materials that may be causing hearing difficulties or discomfort. 

Free Transportation

To help you get healthy and stay healthy, we provide free transportation for Medicare and Medicaid clients in the Lee County area.

Other Services


Telehealth refers to the use of electronic communication and information technologies, such as videoconferencing, to provide healthcare services remotely.


Cardiology services focuses on diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders and diseases of the heart and the cardiovascular system. 

Nutrition Counseling

It involves receiving personalized, one-on-one dietary guidance and advice from a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN).


Vaccinations can help prevent a wide range of illnesses, including measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and influenza. They protect you and your communities.

Health Evaluations

A comprehensive review of medical history, physical examination, and laboratory tests to identify any potential health issues or areas for improvement.

Women's Care

Designed specifically for women, this service addresses their unique health needs and are essential for women’s overall health and well-being.

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